here you will find stories of couples who are head-over-heels in love, joyful families, editorial wedding inspiration, and everything in between... told through photographs shot on film.  

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Kristin and I met in 2013 at Rocky Mountain School of Photography. We were in the same group for the Summer Intensive course, and instantly hit it off! After spending almost every spare moment together in class, shooting outside of class, and going out for dinner and drinks, I guess you could say that we ended up pretty darn close. 😉

Kristin fell in love with Montana, and decided to come back to assist at RMSP for two different summers…

Kristin + Michael | Surprise Proposal

There really, truly, isn’t much that I love more than proposal shoots!! Anytime anyone calls me up about photographing their engagement I turn into that middle school girl who just got asked to the school dance by her crush – giddy with excitement, slightly obsessive, with a serious case of perma-grin…

Valentine’s Day Proposal | Lacey + Caleb