Valentine’s Day Proposal | Lacey + Caleb

There really, truly, isn’t much that I love more than proposal shoots!! Anytime anyone calls me up about photographing their engagement I turn into that middle school girl who just got asked to the school dance by her crush – giddy with excitement, slightly obsessive, with a serious case of perma-grin.

When Caleb called, it was no different. In fact, it might have been worse, because Lacey is a cousin of mine! I have been waiting to finally say “Finally!” to her a Caleb, and to actually get to be a part of the proposal sent me over the top!

His plan was brilliant.

He knew she wanted pictures of the moment when it happened, he knew she would want to be dressed up for the occasion, and he knew she was waiting for it. To accomplish everything she wanted, and to keep her from suspecting what was going on, he decided to gift her a “couple’s session” for Valentine’s Day and propose during the shoot.

Best. Idea. Ever.

We headed to a lovely little spot down by the river, taking photos of the two of them a long the way. After I initiated the first cue to let him know I was ready to go, Caleb told Lacey he needed to fix his sock in his boot and got down on one knee. The look of surprise on her face as he pulled the ring out of his boot and held it up to her was so sweet and so genuine.

THAT moment is why I love proposal shoots the best.

Congratulations, Lacey and Caleb! I couldn’t be more happy for you two! xo

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