Kristin + Michael | Surprise Proposal

Kristin and I met in 2013 at Rocky Mountain School of Photography. We were in the same group for the Summer Intensive course, and instantly hit it off! After spending almost every spare moment together in class, shooting outside of class, and going out for dinner and drinks, I guess you could say that we ended up pretty darn close. 😉

Kristin fell in love with Montana, and decided to come back to assist at RMSP for two different summers, much to my excitement! Michael was such a support to Kristin and her desires to keep pursuing photography, even when it meant her living states away every summer!

This summer was Kristin’s last year of assisting, and she and Michael decided that they’d take a trip through Glacier National Park and up into Canada together as one last hurrah before she moved back home, and I was so excited when she asked if I’d take some photos of them while they were in Glacier! We made plans to make the drive to one of the best spots in the whole park – Many Glacier. Lot’s of big mountains and incredible views!

The days before our adventure, the weather wasn’t looking great at all… and I was really worried that the rain and storms would end up forcing us to cancel! Then I got a call from Michael, and he told me the he had some special plans up his sleeve for the day, and it was decided that the photoshoot was happening no matter what the weather was going to do!

Aside from being a little cold, the weather cooperated wonderfully for us – no rain! Kristin’s red dress popped against the cool mountain and lake tones, and the two of them together couldn’t have been more fun to photograph! 🙂

I stole Kristin away to do some photos of just her and that gorgeous flower crown she brought along… Michael was over by our bags discretely “adjusting his boot” while I did my best to keep Kristin’s attention on me.

I pretended that it was time to wrap up the session, asking them if there was anything else they had in mind before we packed up. Kristin started looking around, ooh-ing and aah-ing over our gorgeous surroundings, looking for anywhere else we could go… and Michael looked at me and nodded… He was ready!

She was so surprised, so excited, and couldn’t keep her eyes off of her new ring! I don’t blame her, it is STUNNING!

A big fat huge CONGRATS to you two!! I feel so honored to have been a part of this milestone in your relationship and can’t wait for the big day!!! ❤️ xo

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