Vianna + Derick | Wedding Couple Portraits

I’ve known Vianna for many many years, she and I grew up in the same town and we used to work in neighboring businesses, running into each other was a common occurrence. By the time I found out she was engaged she was just about married, and I couldn’t believe I didn’t know! Usually in small towns like our hometown, everyone knows when everyone is getting married and to who… but apparently I was out of the loop this time! 😉

I was so excited when she contacted me about doing some bridal portraits of her and her new hubby, Derick. We went out to Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge and enjoyed the perfect sunset light (and maybe a few billion mosquitos)!

When I asked Vianna how she met Derick, she said “Well, he slept with pretty much all of my brothers…” Then she laughed, and explained that Derick and her brothers have been on a lot of fires together, and he’s bunked with them in camp. That sums up these two together, always teasing and laughing with each other… I don’t think I ever saw their smiles disappear the whole time, unless I specifically told them to be serious! 🙂

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