here you will find stories of couples who are head-over-heels in love, joyful families, editorial wedding inspiration, and everything in between... told through photographs shot on film.  

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Katie and Dan are so refreshing to be around. Their love is so comfortable, full of laughter and ease! They weren’t afraid to just be them, and that’s all I ever want to see as a photographer!

We decided to head up to Skalkaho Falls for their engagement session, a place that is near and dear to their hearts and mine. I grew up driving over Skalkaho Pass every summer with my family, on our way to

Katie + Dan | Mountain Engagement Session

There are just some people in this world that are unforgettable, for reasons big or small, but for a reason, none-the-less. Kori is one of those people. 

The DePauws | Winter Family Session

I always feel so honored that I have the opportunity to work with really amazing people in this world –  couples that are madly in love, that value marriage and commitment, and who value photography as a way to capture their moments together. Emily and Eric are no different! These two are my kind of people. They love the outdoors, are down to earth, friendly, and there’s no doubt that they adore each other… we even like the same baby names!

Emily + Eric | Lakeside Engagement Session

You know what’s a little more fun than being pregnant with a darling little baby? Being pregnant and due just a month apart from one of your best friends! Tabitha and I spent just about every waking moment together in High School. In fact, she’s sending me embarrassing photos from those glory years as I speak…

Tabitha + Spencer | Snowy Maternity Session

I look at her sometimes and wonder, out of all the faces in the world, how did I find the one that was so perfect for me? 


Best of 2016 | ENGAGEMENTS

Kristin and I met in 2013 at Rocky Mountain School of Photography. We were in the same group for the Summer Intensive course, and instantly hit it off! After spending almost every spare moment together in class, shooting outside of class, and going out for dinner and drinks, I guess you could say that we ended up pretty darn close. 😉

Kristin fell in love with Montana, and decided to come back to assist at RMSP for two different summers…

Kristin + Michael | Surprise Proposal

On Sunday afternoon sometime around 2:00pm, a forest fire erupted near Hamilton, only 10 miles from where I live. In a matter of only a few short hours, the blaze had overcome 500 acres, growing bigger by the minute, and residents of the area were thrown into Stage 2 mandatory evacuations. (Timelapse VIDEO) For some, there was only enough time to grab their pets, maybe a few valuable belongings, open gates for their livestock, and leave their homes behind hoping and praying that by some miracle it would still be standing when they returned. 

Roaring Lion Fire | Communities Coming Together

I had the pleasure to hang out with the Robinson family recently, a fun-loving family from Arizona who loves road trips, adventure, and laughing with each other! Renee contacted me months ago, explaining her plans of surprising her kids with a trip…

Alta Ranch Family Session | The Robinsons