Tabitha + Spencer | Snowy Maternity Session

You know what’s a little more fun than being pregnant with a darling little baby?Β Being pregnant and due just a month apart from one of your best friends! Tabitha and I spent just about every waking moment together in High School. In fact, she’s sending me embarrassing photos from those glory years as I speak! I’ll share one or two at the end of the post so I don’t scare you away-Β ha! πŸ˜‰

After we graduated, we parted ways for college. I went to UMW in Dillon, Montana and Tab headed to SOCC in Coos Bay, Oregon, but we still remained besties from afar. While she was in Oregon, she met Spencer, who is originally from Pennsylvania and was living with his brother in OR at the time. They fell in love, got engaged, and were married here in Montana the same summer my husband and I got married!

Unfortunately for me, the happy couple moved across the country to PA and I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like – BUT, thanks to modern technology and airplanes, I get to see them more than once a year. πŸ™‚ You might remember their anniversary session from their visit to MT last summer – if you don’t, check it out HERE.

This last visit was a special one! Tabitha and I finally got to compare bump sizes, exchange baby gifts, and I got to get her and Spencer in front of my camera for some maternity photos! We got a fresh batch of snow the day before their shoot that made for quite the winter wonderland. Tabitha didn’t mind one bit! The two of them embraced the cold weather like champs! They are going to be rock-star parents.Β I can’t wait to meet the little lady!! πŸ™‚

Of course we had to get a few photos together!

And, as promised… the good old days…. πŸ˜‰

 Trying to be cool and stuff. Nailed it.Β  Trying to be cool and stuff. Nailed it.

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  1. Jesi says:

    So beautiful! Such a fun session!

  2. Joanna says:

    My goodness you ladies are so cute!

  3. Holly says:

    Oh my gosh, how cute are y’all?! I love that you guys are best friends and pregnant together. This session was absolutely beautiful!!

  4. Stefani Ciotti says:

    What a cute session!! Mad props for standing out in the snow like that too, amazing and totally worth it! πŸ˜›

  5. Her hair is to die for! These are so gorgeous! I was NEVER that cute while pregnant!

  6. Tabitha Martin says:

    Kelsie my bestie! Wow! You out did yourself again! I’m beyond thrilled to be joining you as a Mom! And love that we look just awesome together with our huge baby bumps! 1 girl, 1 boy! Destined for friendship!

  7. So cute!!!!! Love the snow and she’s gorgeous! How fun πŸ™‚

  8. Mindy says:

    Beautiful mama to be! I love the throw back pics, too funny.

  9. Misty says:

    These are so pretty! All that snow! And it’s definitely fun to be pregnant with your friends!! πŸ™‚

  10. What a beautiful snowy maternity shoot!

  11. Brittani says:

    Oh my goodness! That snow is absolutely perfect on the trees and what adorable parents-to-be!!

  12. Jill says:

    What a beautiful mama to be!

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