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I always look forward to this time of year when the weather gets a little warmer, things get a little greener, and people are just all the way around happier folks to be around. Springtime also means that wedding season is just around the corner – and engagement session season is, like, tomorrow!…

The Importance of the Engagement Session

I always feel so honored that I have the opportunity to work with really amazing people in this world –  couples that are madly in love, that value marriage and commitment, and who value photography as a way to capture their moments together. Emily and Eric are no different! These two are my kind of people. They love the outdoors, are down to earth, friendly, and there’s no doubt that they adore each other… we even like the same baby names!

Emily + Eric | Lakeside Engagement Session

I met Brittany last summer at Ryan and Kym’s wedding (blog coming soon!) and was instantly impressed at her organization and professionalism as their day-of coordinator. She didn’t have her own business at the time, but it was obvious that she was going to be good at it when the time came! 

A few weeks back, Brittany contacted me letting me know that she had finally started up Soiree 99 Events, an event planning business based here in the Bitterroot Valley. We met up for coffee and chatted about her vision and style as a planner, coordinating some shoots together, and getting her some updated head shots…

Soiree 99 Events

I look at her sometimes and wonder, out of all the faces in the world, how did I find the one that was so perfect for me? 


Best of 2016 | ENGAGEMENTS

I am so excited to share Jamie and Drew’s wedding day with you all, friends! These two were married on paper before their big day, but that didn’t stop them from planning this lovely day! These two chose The Barn at The Ranch Club as their backdrop, and it really couldn’t have been more perfect. The rustic charm of the barn mixed with the glam of Jamie’s sparkly J. Crew flats, pink peonies, and her jaw-dropping Yumi Katsura gown …

Jamie + Drew | Wedding at The Barn on Mullan

Back in February I wrote a post listing my New Years Resolutions for 2016 (if you haven’t read it, check it out here). My list is short, just two bullets: Be present. Be intentional. That’s it! Sounds simple enough, right?

Sort of.

Being Present and Intentional | New Year’s Resolution Update

I don’t even know where to begin… Brandy and Matt’s wedding was one for the books, you guys! I knew it was going to be good when I met with Brandy and her mom last year during our very first meeting to chat about photography. Then came their gorgeous engagement session over in Bozeman, and I got even more excited about their wedding – these two are SO photogenic! Not only that, but their happiness is infectious… both of their smiles, contagious. 

Brandy + Matt | Wedding at The Flying Horse

I kicked off my summer wedding season with Ciara and Shane at The Flying Horse in Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley. It was a little windy and the air was still hanging on to that early spring chill, but the cloud cover enhanced the lovely lilac and sage details of this day, and Ciara and Shane didn’t seem to care too much about the weather.

Ciara + Shane | Wedding at The Flying Horse