The Importance of the Engagement Session

I always look forward to this time of year when the weather gets a little warmer, things get a little greener, and people are just all the way around happier folks to be around. Springtime also means that wedding season is just around the corner – and engagement session season is, like, tomorrow! Most of my couples include engagement sessions in their wedding packages, which is awesome – but just in case you’re sitting on the fence trying to decide if it’s really that important, here’s a few reasons why you definitely should say YES to an engagement session:

1. There’s No Timeline

One of my favorite aspects of an engagement session is that it’s so relaxed. We hang out, chat, explore new places or reminisce in old places. There’s no timeline to stick to, no rushing, no need to be anywhere but in the moment. Laugh, kiss, hug, flirt – soak up this time with your fiancé!

2. It’s a Practice Run

An engagement session is a great practice run for both you AND your photographer! Not everyone instantly feels comfortable in front of the camera, and your photographer doesn’t automatically know how you interact as a couple. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other’s personalities, figure out which poses are flattering, and which to stay away from. It’s huge peace of mind when your photographer arrives to your wedding day and isn’t a stranger!

3. Being Engaged Is Something worth celebrating

Most brides-to-be dive head first into planning their wedding as soon as that ring is slipped on their finger. No one can blame you, being engaged is so exciting and planning a wedding takes a lot of work! There’s dresses to try on, flowers to sniff, cake to taste, vendors to meet…. Sure, obviously getting married worth celebrating, that’s why we have weddings, right? But it’s so easy to spend your whole engagement wrapped up in planning the wedding, that you forget to slow down and actually take the time to celebrate the title of “fiancé”.

Plan an engagement session – you wont regret it!

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