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2016 brought about some amazing things in both my business and personal life – from getting published in a handful of magazines, both regional and national, to integrating film into my workflow, to buying our first house, and finding out I was…

Best of 2016 | WEDDINGS

Kristin and I met in 2013 at Rocky Mountain School of Photography. We were in the same group for the Summer Intensive course, and instantly hit it off! After spending almost every spare moment together in class, shooting outside of class, and going out for dinner and drinks, I guess you could say that we ended up pretty darn close. 😉

Kristin fell in love with Montana, and decided to come back to assist at RMSP for two different summers…

Kristin + Michael | Surprise Proposal

I am so excited to share Jamie and Drew’s wedding day with you all, friends! These two were married on paper before their big day, but that didn’t stop them from planning this lovely day! These two chose The Barn at The Ranch Club as their backdrop, and it really couldn’t have been more perfect. The rustic charm of the barn mixed with the glam of Jamie’s sparkly J. Crew flats, pink peonies, and her jaw-dropping Yumi Katsura gown …

Jamie + Drew | Wedding at The Barn on Mullan

Back in February I wrote a post listing my New Years Resolutions for 2016 (if you haven’t read it, check it out here). My list is short, just two bullets: Be present. Be intentional. That’s it! Sounds simple enough, right?

Sort of.

Being Present and Intentional | New Year’s Resolution Update

I was so excited to hear that they wanted to go for a little hike for their photos. They hardly batted an eye when the destination location I had in mind ended up being further than I thought. We had so much fun just chatting and enjoying the scenery of Lake Como

Kym + Ryan | Lakeside Engagement Session

My Love,

Today marks 4 years as husband and wife, can you believe it? It feels like it was only yesterday that I walked through that door at the car wash and met you for the first time! I had absolutely no clue that the guy offering me a job back then would be the one I’d be kissing good morning to today. Four years ago on that cold day in May, surrounded by our family and friends, with not a care in the world except being together. I didn’t think it was possible to have that much love for anything or anyone….

A Letter to My Love