Kym + Ryan | Lakeside Engagement Session

Oh friends… I seriously love these two. Kym and Ryan are so down to earth, genuinely kind, and so funny! They are getting married next month at the beautiful Stone Tower Estate and I can’t wait! Kym has been filling me in on all the fun details that are going into the wedding, and I promise you won’t want to miss it! It’s going to be so so cool!

I was so excited to hear that they wanted to go for a little hike for their photos. They hardly batted an eye when the destination location I had in mind ended up being further than I thought. We had so much fun just chatting and enjoying the scenery of Lake Como, taking photos along the way. We even had a deer and a cute little chipmunk join us for a few minutes on the trail!

Their Engagement Story

“Ryan had blown out his knee about a year and a half prior to us getting engaged, so money had been a bit tight – having to pay off an astronomical medical bill month after month. We had always talked about getting married but it was always something we’d do later because of his knee. I didn’t really care, I had him, I didn’t need the rock. He had been asking me to go on a hike for about a week but I had been sick so finally, on a Sunday, we decided that no matter how I felt we were going to hike – up to the top of Mt. Sentinel.

On the hike up we talked about weddings and engagements and I still had ZERO idea! “Can you believe we’re retracing the steps of history?” he said. “Oh, wait, Lewis and Clark took this trail too?” I asked (I swear I’m not that historically challenged). “No, wait, what? OUR history! This was our first hike!” …clearly, he’s the romantic in our relationship!

As we continued on, a butterfly landed on his shoulder, and it STAYED! What an awesome sign. A white butterfly. They always remind me of my Grandma, so I, of course, got emotional. He tells me that we should take a photo and that his phone is in his backpack. I start digging and he (now that I look back) was acting weird…almost, paranoid. He fidgeted and swung his bag around – I’m not kidding, the butterfly stayed on!

We FINALLY got to the top and Ryan started frantically looking for “our spot” – the first spot we took pictures together on the top of the mountain. Unfortunately the spot doesn’t exist anymore! Of course I have no idea why he’s being so weird about the sign being gone and why he’s so upset about it so I suggest we build a totem instead – we do it all the time at the top of mountains! So we started building the totem and as we were finishing it he says… “Here’s one more rock…” – there he was, down on one knee with our dog, the biggest smile, and the most amazing ring!! At that moment, it was just him, Halle, and myself (and a few choice expletives) – on top of the world…. until Aaron Smith summited the mountain, saw what was happening, and ran away. Aaron Smith was the first to know that I was going to be Mrs. Corwin!

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