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I always look forward to this time of year when the weather gets a little warmer, things get a little greener, and people are just all the way around happier folks to be around. Springtime also means that wedding season is just around the corner – and engagement session season is, like, tomorrow!…

The Importance of the Engagement Session

I look at her sometimes and wonder, out of all the faces in the world, how did I find the one that was so perfect for me? 


Best of 2016 | ENGAGEMENTS

I remember sitting down with Holly at Cafe Dolce at our very first meeting to chat all things wedding, and instantly falling in love with her happy, down-to-earth personality (and her super beautifully unique engagement ring!!). I couldn’t wait for the snow to come to finally meet her fiancĂ©, Greg, and get the two of them in front of my lens! Winter took a while to make it’s appearance around here…

Holly + Greg | Snowy Engagement Session

When Lauren and I met up for coffee to chat about her and Joe’s engagement session, she told me about their story, what brought them to Montana, and what they enjoyed doing together. They loved hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, and pretty much everything outdoors. They also had a puppy-dog! The feel she wanted in her photos: big mountains, little couple. Location: Glacier National Park. 

In other words, this engagement session would be amazing.

Lake McDonald Engagement | Lauren + Joey

There’s so much that goes into the wedding planning process, and it all starts the moment that ring slips on your finger. An Engagement Session has become a “must-have” on that big old list, and for good reason I think! So before you run off and get your engagement photos done in a hurry to check it off your list, take these tips into consideration so that your session is one that you LOVE.

5 Tips for Engagement Photos You’ll Love