5 Tips for Engagement Photos You’ll Love

There’s so much that goes into the wedding planning process, and it all starts the moment that ring slips on your finger. An Engagement Session has become a “must-have” on that big old list, and for good reason I think! (You can click HERE to see why!) So before you run off and get your engagement photos done in a hurry to check it off your list, take these tips into consideration so that your session is one that you LOVE.

1. Coordinate (don’t match!) your outfits.

This is probably one of the most over-used tips out there, but it’s also one of the most important! Gone are the days of blue jeans and matching t-shirts. Instead, opt for picking your outfits based on pallet of 3 or 4 coordinating colors. Keep it comfortable and flattering, only you know what makes you feel your best!

2. Relax.

Again, I know you’ve heard this one before, but hear me out. I know that a lot of couples get nervous for their engagement session for a multitude of reasons, but don’t let your nerves get in the way of having fun! Let your photographer know your reservations, and they will do their best to help you relax in front of the camera. This is the time to let loose and have a fun with your fiancé without worrying about the timeline and variables of your wedding day!

3. Think about your location.

Do you guys love ice cream? Head to the ice cream shop for your session! Went for a hike on your first date? Do your engagement session on a hike! Never been to Glacier National Park and need an excuse to go? Do it! Engagement sessions don’t have to be done at the local park because that’s just what everyone does. Go to the park because you think it’s gorgeous there, or because you two spend a lot of time there – let your spot have meaning behind it!

4. Trust your photographer.

Okay, I know it might sound like I’m a control freak with this one, but it really does help! Hopefully a big part of why you chose the photographer you did is because you love their work and style, right? You might love the way their photos have an editorial and styled feel, or how they capture emotion, or how they make an effort to make the environment a large part of the photograph. To get your photos to look like the ones you love so much, let them take the reins. This doesn’t mean you can’t share your ideas or inspirations, we love to hear your suggestions. 😉 Just remember that they know how create their style the very best – trust them, and you’ll love the end result!

5. Forget There’s a Camera.

This one is much easier said, than done. Most people have a hard time focusing all of their attention on their partner when there’s a camera present, but the moments when you don’t think a photo is being taken are usually when the genuine smiles and sweetest kisses take place. So rather than focusing your attention on the sound of the shutter, do your best to pretend the camera isn’t there, and just do you.

Bonus Tip:

Being engaged to your love is something worth celebrating, so use your engagement session as the perfect opportunity to treat yourselves! Buy new outfits, get your hair and makeup professionally done (trial run for the wedding??) and go out for a nice dinner afterwards. Make it a date!

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