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When you’re pregnant, you put out a lot of baby vibes, and I’m no different. In return, baby vibes have been coming back to me with more bump session requests than normal – which I LOVE! 

Halie and Ilya took me up to a gorgeous piece of their family ranch overlooking the Bitterroots for their session. Ilya took great care in driving two very pregnant women up an extremely rough road as gently as he could, doing his very best to not put anyone into labor. He succeeded! 

Halie + Ilya | Spring Maternity Session

I was so excited when she contacted me about doing some bridal portraits of her and her new hubby, Derick. We went out to Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge and enjoyed the perfect sunset light (and maybe a few billion mosquitos)! 

When I asked Vianna how she met Derick, she said “Well, he pretty much slept with all of my brothers…” Then she laughed, and explained that Derick and her brothers

Vianna + Derick | Wedding Couple Portraits

With a twinkle in her eye that lasted the whole evening, Kalyn said she knew Brian was “bad news” when she first saw him driving his truck in high school. They had no idea that that first flirty interaction they had with each other would eventually lead to Brian watching Kalyn open…

Kalyn + Brian | Country Engagement Session



New York City.

She teaches photography at a local university, he is a web developer and a painter. They shared a studio space, and she was impressed by the detail and complexity of his studio planning spreadsheet, he first notices how outgoing she is. From there things would progress to being more than acquaintances and friends… and eventually they’d find themselves standing in a small town courthouse in Montana, exchanging vows, and becoming husband and wife!

Nicole + Eric | A Courthouse Wedding