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New York City.

She teaches photography at a local university, he is a web developer and a painter. They shared a studio space, and she was impressed by the detail and complexity of his studio planning spreadsheet, he first notices how outgoing she is. From there things would progress to being more than acquaintances and friends… and eventually they’d find themselves standing in a small town courthouse in Montana, exchanging vows, and becoming husband and wife!

Even though they live on the opposite side of the country, Nicole and Eric visit Montana every summer. Nicole has deep family roots here in the Bitterroot Valley – roots that go way back to beginnings of the small towns of the area. While they were here for a family reunion, Eric proposed to Nicole up at Blodgett Canyon Overlook, a gorgeous little spot that they have plans of visiting annually now!

Shortly after getting engaged, Nicole’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, and wedding plans were put on the back burner. They decided that between that, and recently buying a new home, that they wanted to keep their wedding simple and special. What better place than to elope to Montana where they got engaged?

Nicole wore her mother’s wedding dress and Eric was dressed in suit and tie as we walked into the Ravalli County Detention Center. Yep, you read that right – getting married at the courthouse in Hamilton, Montana happens in the same place I went for a speeding ticket, and the same place you go if you’re headed to county jail. Gotta love it! They had the sweetest little ceremony, full of laughter, a few tears, and so much love.

Nicole and Eric, you two have such a sweet, down-to-earth vibe together! Thank you so much for allowing me to take a peek into your lives and be a part of such a special moment. I’m looking forward to catching up on your annual visits to the Bitterroot Valley! Wishing you the best in the years to come, Congratulations!!

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