Tabitha + Spencer | Anniversary Session

These two sweethearts have a very special place in my heart, Tabitha has only been my best friend since High School after all! I was thrilled to have them all the way from Pennsylvania to stay with Trever and I for a few days, and of course we had to spend a portion of an evening getting them in front of the camera for some photos 😉

Spencer is from Pennsylvania, Tabitha is from Montana, but they met in Oregon! Tabitha was going to school out in Coos Bay, where Spencer was living with his brother for a few months. The first thing Spencer noticed about Tabitha was how blue her eyes were, and she noticed his smile, eyes, and was immediately attracted to Spencer’s joyful demeanor! They hit it off from the beginning, and eventually would end up in a long distance relationship when Spencer moved back to PA.

They were married in Montana in 2012, and I was lucky enough to stand by Tabitha as her maid of honor! I remember thinking how awesome it was that she found someone so perfect for her, a man who would respect her, take care of her, love her deeply, and compliment her carefree happiness. Four years later, as we wandered through the sage brush laughing and taking pictures, I couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy for these two. All of the things I thought on their wedding day, I still think now. They have blended into such a power couple, motivated to achieve big goals together and pushing and supporting each other to reach personal goals!

Love you, Tab and Spenc! Can’t wait to hang out again! 🙂

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