Jamie + Drew | Sunrise Couple’s Session

I’m the type of person that likes to see new places any chance I can, but there are a few pieces of heaven that I can visit over and over again without any complaints. Holland Lake is definitely one of those places. It’s a lovely spot nestled at the base of the Swan Range, home to only two quiet camp areas, a handful of private residences, Holland Lake Lodge, and a roaring waterfall at it’s head. When Jamie and Drew mentioned Holland Lake as an idea for their couple’s session, of course I was in! I was in and I decided I was going to make a camping trip out of it – because, well, CAMPING. I’d even bring our new canoe along for the ride!

I could try to tell you how these guys met and became a couple, but I think Jamie explains it the best!

We both started working and living at the Rustler Lodge (a ski lodge) in Alta, Utah. In the fist week or two of meeting and working together Drew asked me out and I declined. For about two weeks following he continued to tell me how beautiful I was every day and was persistent on taking me on a date. One night while Drew was working in the kitchen he cut his finger and I got forced into being the one to drive him down the canyon to the emergency room for stitches. We returned to the Lodge, had a drink at the bar and Drew walked me home. When he said goodnight he stated that he ‘would consider this our first date.’ The rest is history!!”

Jamie and Drew  are already married, but are having their wedding this coming week, so technically I was shooting a couple’s session rather than an engagement session .. but that’s beside the point. The point is that these two are super cute together and they even brought their adorable St. Bernard, Ullr, with them!

AND they were totally excited to get in the canoe with me for some pictures.

Best. Day. Ever.

I never thought I’d use the combination of the words “sunrise” “photoshoot” “couple” “canoe” and “lake” all in  one sentence… but there I was, with a lovely couple, at sunrise on Holland Lake, climbing into a canoe for part of their photoshoot.

Life is good. 🙂

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