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I am so excited to share Jamie and Drew’s wedding day with you all, friends! These two were married on paper before their big day, but that didn’t stop them from planning this lovely day! These two chose The Barn at The Ranch Club as their backdrop, and it really couldn’t have been more perfect. The rustic charm of the barn mixed with the glam of Jamie’s sparkly J. Crew flats, pink peonies, and her jaw-dropping Yumi Katsura gown …

Jamie + Drew | Wedding at The Barn on Mullan

I’m the type of person that likes to see new places any chance I can, but there are a few pieces of heaven that I can visit over and over again without any complaints. Holland Lake is definitely one of those places. It’s a lovely spot nestled at the base of the Swan Range, home to only two quiet camp areas, a handful of private residences, Holland Lake Lodge, and a roaring waterfall at it’s head…

Jamie + Drew | Sunrise Couple’s Session