Finn Thomas | Newborn to Two Months

Guys, my little man is already over TWO MONTHS OLD. How did the time go by so fast?? It’s hard to believe that 9 weeks have already passed since I got to hold my baby boy on my chest for the first time. He was a pretty big boy when he was born, 8lbs 11oz! Nothing has changed, as he eats all the time and has chunked up a whole bunch since then – you can see the difference in the last photo. He weighs almost 14 pounds now! He looooves his mama, and didn’t really enjoy his first day away from me when I was photographing a wedding. Thank goodness for a patient husband and family living close to help comfort a sad baby! 

He’s also really starting to smile a lot, and man, it’s so. much. fun. He’s got a little half smile that is sure to melt any heart in an instant! I’m hoping i’ll be able to crack a giggle out of him soon! 🙂 Ayla loves him so much. Almost too much at times 😉 She has been adjusting well, except for a few days in there when Finn was about 5 weeks old. Those were hard. But overall she just adores her baby brother and loves to sit and chat with him and tell him how cute he is! He loved her the moment they met. I think he recognized her voice just as much as mine when he was born! He is constantly turning his head toward her anytime she is around!

I look at both of them together and feel so blessed to have them as mine. I love that they love each other. I’m excited to see what the next few months bring! 

I just had to share these lovely pictures that my dear friend, Rebecca Hollis, took about a week after Finn was born. I love them so much!!

Newborn to 2 Months…. I’m so torn with wanting him to stop growing so fast and being so excited to see how he changes! I love you, Finny boy!

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