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My heart raced as my mouse hovered over the “submit” button, a million and a half thoughts racing spinning in my head as a contemplated my fate: 

How would I look? Would I like it? I hope I don’t hate it. Am I ready for such a drastic change? Will I EVER be ready for this? What if I cry? How embarrassing. I’ll probably cry. I better change the date to one that Trever is home that night so he can comfort me if I have a meltdown… Okay. That day will be better. Ugh, but that’s two weeks out already. If I go too long I’ll back out. Again. Why is this so hard? This is silly, it’s not THAT big of a deal. People do this all the time. It’ll grow back if I don’t like it. But what if I look awful? Some people just can’t pull it off, I might be one of them! Duh. Just do it. It’s not that hard. Just click the button.


The Big Cut