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I’m getting old.

I remember when LaRee was a tiny little thing, running down the hallway laughing hysterically because she had her sister’s underwear on her head… anyone that’s reading this and knows her, knows that this was a normal occurrence in her household when she was a little girl! 

LaRee | Class of 2017

I had the pleasure to hang out with the Robinson family recently, a fun-loving family from Arizona who loves road trips, adventure, and laughing with each other! Renee contacted me months ago, explaining her plans of surprising her kids with a trip…

Alta Ranch Family Session | The Robinsons

I am so excited to share Jamie and Drew’s wedding day with you all, friends! These two were married on paper before their big day, but that didn’t stop them from planning this lovely day! These two chose The Barn at The Ranch Club as their backdrop, and it really couldn’t have been more perfect. The rustic charm of the barn mixed with the glam of Jamie’s sparkly J. Crew flats, pink peonies, and her jaw-dropping Yumi Katsura gown …

Jamie + Drew | Wedding at The Barn on Mullan

I was so excited to hear that they wanted to go for a little hike for their photos. They hardly batted an eye when the destination location I had in mind ended up being further than I thought. We had so much fun just chatting and enjoying the scenery of Lake Como

Kym + Ryan | Lakeside Engagement Session

I don’t even know where to begin… Brandy and Matt’s wedding was one for the books, you guys! I knew it was going to be good when I met with Brandy and her mom last year during our very first meeting to chat about photography. Then came their gorgeous engagement session over in Bozeman, and I got even more excited about their wedding – these two are SO photogenic! Not only that, but their happiness is infectious… both of their smiles, contagious. 

Brandy + Matt | Wedding at The Flying Horse

These two sweethearts have a very special place in my heart, Tabitha has only been my best friend since High School after all! I was thrilled to have them all the way from Pennsylvania to stay with Trever and I for a few days, and of course we had to spend a portion of an evening getting them in front of the camera for some photos 😉

Spencer is from Pennsylvania, Tabitha is from Montana, but they met in Oregon! Tabitha was going to school out in Coos Bay, where Spencer was

Tabitha + Spencer | Anniversary Session