here you will find stories of couples who are head-over-heels in love, joyful families, editorial wedding inspiration, and everything in between... told through photographs shot on film.  

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I remember sitting down with Holly at Cafe Dolce at our very first meeting to chat all things wedding, and instantly falling in love with her happy, down-to-earth personality (and her super beautifully unique engagement ring!!). I couldn’t wait for the snow to come to finally meet her fiancĂ©, Greg, and get the two of them in front of my lens! Winter took a while to make it’s appearance around here…

Holly + Greg | Snowy Engagement Session

2016 brought about some amazing things in both my business and personal life – from getting published in a handful of magazines, both regional and national, to integrating film into my workflow, to buying our first house, and finding out I was…

Best of 2016 | WEDDINGS