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I don’t even know where to begin… Brandy and Matt’s wedding was one for the books, you guys! I knew it was going to be good when I met with Brandy and her mom last year during our very first meeting to chat about photography. Then came their gorgeous engagement session over in Bozeman, and I got even more excited about their wedding – these two are SO photogenic! Not only that, but their happiness is infectious… both of their smiles, contagious. 

Brandy + Matt | Wedding at The Flying Horse

Brandy and Matt have known each other since their elementary days – they grew up in the same small town, went to the same schools, and ran in the same circle of friends. They became a couple in 8th grade, and what was a middle school crush then, quickly turned into high school sweethearts. He was handsome football player that every girl would end up having a crush on at some point, and she was the beautiful girl that was always friendly to everyone she talked to. They were that couple that was meant to be, who everyone in our high school, at least that I knew, was rooting for. 

Brandy + Matt | Bridger Canyon Engagement