Drawing inspiration from yummy golden light, the beauty of Montana’s natural landscape, and organic movement, I value all that is honest. I capture the genuine emotion and heartfelt love that unfolds throughout your Wedding Day,  telling your story in a complete and genuine way for you and your loved ones to relive for years to come. 

Film, my primary medium, has become the foundation of creating timeless, romantic, and meaningful images for my clients. While digital photography has its time and place, there is magic in the way film holds onto light and documents movement that can’t be replicated easily. The intention and thought behind every frame creates honest and meaningful photographs that makes you really feel the images, not just see them. 


I only take 10-12 weddings each year to be sure I’m able to create a deeper relationship with my couples, listen and accommodate your unique needs, and help you feel prepared and confident about your experience with me. Working alongside your planner, I take a very hands-on approach and assist in creating a tailored photo timeline for the wedding day, custom to the needs and desires of each client to achieve the very best photographic results. 

a story


Where I recharge, where I reflect, where I feel at home. My true happy place. I feel incredibly grateful that I get to be surrounded by gorgeous Montana mountains. 

the mountains

 old school film, that stuff our grandparents and parents used to take photos with. That stuff that makes a photograph deeper, richer, and 1000x more romantic than digital photography.


Love notes left on paper, the bathroom mirror, or sticky notes, make me melt. Giving someone intentional time with words written from the heart is a true expression of love. 

HandwritteN notes

this man has shown me what it's like to truly love and truly be loved. So much of my inspiration comes from how he loves me, and how he loves our children - my other two favorite things.

my soul mate

Give me all the fresh flowers! I can't get enough of soft, delicate textures and lush bunches of fresh blooms. If I wasn't a photographer, I'm pretty positive I'd want to be a florist. 

fresh blooms

my favorite things:

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