The DePauws | Winter Family Session

There are just some people in this world that are unforgettable, for reasons big or small, but for a reason, none-the-less. Kori is one of those people.

Kori and I went to high school together, and though we never were close friends, I always admired her. She was always kind, positive, gorgeous, and had mad skills at acting and speaking in front of large audiences – a place I have never felt comfortable! She was one of those girls that could make anyone smile or laugh, and was so refreshingly down-to-earth.

When she contacted me out of the blue to book a family session as a gift to her parents for Christmas, I got SO excited! It’d been years since we’d seen each other, and even though we weren’t ever close, it felt like I was meeting up with a long-time friend!

I met them at her parents’ home here in the Bitterroot Valley, and we wandered around in the snow in the late afternoon. It. Was. Gorgeous. The snow was sparkly, the sun was golden and warm(ish), and Dan and Jan are some of the most genuine people I’ve come in contact with. Dan has the best sense of humor, and isn’t Jan lovely?? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in this family!

It was such a blast, and I LOVE the photos from our time together! Thank you, Kori, Dan and Jan, for letting me capture a glimpse into your family and the bonds you have together!

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  1. veronica ilioi says:

    Oh my goodness! Love how fun this session looks!!!

  2. Joanna Moss says:

    What a lovely session.

  3. This is so sweet! I love that she did a session with them even though she’s all grown up. It’s so special. My favorite is the one of her and her mom cheek to cheek up close. That one is going to be cherished for years to come.

  4. Renee says:

    Beautiful, Stella! This family looks like they had a blast!

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